With Weathers – Different aspects and perspectives

With Weathers-different aspect & perspectives: In one of our articles with titled “Communication in Perspective of Relatedness and Connectedness”, we said that we relate and connect with nature on different levels.  Nature communicates with us and we interpret and communicate its messages.  This process is interesting and thought-provoking, generating many feelings and emotions about nature. 

We explore different perspectives and interpretations of weather and its impacts in different ways.  Here is a poem on the weather.  A multifaceted conversation between two highly nature-connected persons.

With Weathers: A man and a women walking on a walking trace in leisure mood
With Weathers

With Weathers

Weather becoming warm, gradually

Still favorable for a walk and talk!

Your view of weather

Is from your own perspective

This is interesting,

The same things viewed by many

In many ways,

Is also interesting!

It’s about nature

With different impacts,

Meanings, and views

All are acceptable

With all Views and Reasons!!

Weather teaches us

To live in the Moment,

Every weather has its good things

It is the feeling mainly!

Weather does not care

What view do we carry

We adopt less,

We wish to change more

We relate to the weather

The weather is what it is!

Be like weathers

Warm, cold, spring-full

And autumnal

It is the relationship with the weather

And living with the Moments

Despite changing weather,

It is still good for a walk

In the changed weather

But not for changing our relationships!


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