Role of Communication: Social and Natural Perspective – Part 2

Role of Communication: The role of Communication in our life is vast with infinite dimensions. Communication is the base of life.  It affects human beings and other creatures in multiple ways.

Role of Communication: How do we relate to ourselves, make relationships, and communicate on both Real and Social grounds?

Role of Communication : Relatedness and Connectedness

Role of Communication, a man is sitting beside a lake, enjoying nature
Role of Communication, Natural and Social Perspective

“The state of being linked with other things or people and having a close relationship on grounds of a sense of person is the natural desire of human beings.”

“Connectedness psychology is the thought that even though each person is their own distinct, physical being, people are also connected to each other and nature, not by language but just by having a deeper sense of being.”

Relatedness and Connectedness – Natural Perspective

Relatedness and connectedness with nature are essential aspects of human life that have been increasingly recognized in recent years. Relatedness with nature refers to the idea human are part of nature and interconnected with it. Connectedness with nature, on the other hand, is the feeling of being in harmony with nature and experiencing a sense of oneness with nature while connecting with nature on a deeper level.

Role of Communication, nature affects humans in a very positive way.  It has immense power to involve humans and make an association, supporting, facilitating, and nourishing humans in various ways.  Nature raises many dimensions of thoughts, and generates positive feelings and emotions, that make humans connect with nature in various forms, knowingly & unknowingly.

Edward Osborne Wilson was an American biologist, naturalist, ecologist and entomologist known for developing the field of sociobiology. He introduced and popularized the hypothesis in his book Biophilia. He defines Biophilia as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life”. As per the Biophilia Hypothesis, Humans possess an innate tendency to seek connection with nature and other forms of life.

Nature is communicating

Nature communicates intensely, it varies for each individual.  To some it is thoughtful, to some it is feeling, to some it is generalizing, to some, it is special, specific.  Nature has many dimensions and directions varies individual to individual.  Our way and deep affectionate level of relatedness and connectedness set the dimension and directions to discover nature.  It all is about our closeness with nature, which makes us listen within the planet or outside the planet, within the sounds or within the silences, within or beyond existence.

It is a natural and intentional process of humans that they are raising the dimensions all over which takes the way to discover the truth and realities, the Real-Life Structure – the origin of creations.

The whole life is communicating in all forms.  It is the intuitive tendency of human beings where it takes a person on the grounds of dimensions & their direction raised by their own self.  It is a great journey within and outside the self.  The wonders of real life. Raise Your Dimension to discover and experience the wonders of life.

“Nature communicates with humans and goes beyond symbolism; it transcends humans to experience life differently.  This nature’s form of communication is mostly a sense of knowing to understand, of the feeling of inferring information.  It’s like a thought that comes to mind, or emotions we experience.”

Communication is the key that opens the dimensions.  God communicated with His prophets to send humans His message to set their life patterns in the right direction with His desired code of conduct.  Communication exists here also between God and humans.

“Human strongly believes that God is the Creator, and the creations belong to God, not to humanity.  God wants to be known and creation is the mean of revealing God’s characteristics and nature.  Creations are the mean of providing for humanity and the rest of what God has made, and humanity has given both dominion and stewardship over creation.

God brought the world into existence as the capstone of this good work.  He created people in His image so that they could share in this overflowing love, grace, and goodness through their relationship with God.  The relationship between God and Humans, the Creator and the creature.”

Raise Your Dimensions, and see the wonder of the Creation of God, including your own self which also communicates. Connectedness and relatedness work naturally.  The state of being linked and having a close relationship on grounds of senses is what God has granted.

Human finds meaning and start talking about their own self and their relationship with Creator. The relationship of Master and His creature.  The wonders of the creation of God will make you surrender and submit yourself to Him.

Raise your thoughts, feelings, and intuitive dimensions, and listen, interpret, and express your discovery.

In conclusion, relatedness and connectedness with nature are essential to our physical and mental well-being and to the health of the planet.  By recognizing our interconnectedness with nature and fostering a sense of harmony with the natural world we can work towards a more fulfilling life.  Let’s take some time to appreciate the beauty of nature. 

How do we relate to ourselves, make relationships, and communicate on both real and social grounds? We will talk about “Connectedness – Social Aspect” in our upcoming posts.


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