About Website

The website “Raise Your Dimensions” is owned and managed by Shabana Sultan. A seasoned HR Professional; started her career with a renowned pharmaceutical company in Pakistan.

Raise Your Dimensions (RYD) is inspired by the concept of human’s relationship with life. It includes humans and life as a wholeness. The concept is about God the Creator, and human the creature. God has created the universe and human is continuously discovering and raising the dimensions in multiple directions with creative ideas and innovations.

RYD is a concept to raise the dimension on the grounds of Thoughts, Emotions, and Souls; discovering new never-ending dimensions in various fields. A contribution towards life.

RYD starts under the categories of Blogging consisting of general topics, and Paintings. We are also planning to grow into more dimensions and offer our viewers to share their ideas, knowledge, wisdom, and soft-feeling arts-related dimensions.