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Role of Communication: Social and Natural Perspectives – Part 1

Role of Communication : Regarding the role of Communication in our life is vast with infinite dimensions. Communication is the base of life.  It significantly affects human beings and other creatures in multiple ways.

Do we find life without communication?  The answer is “No”.

Role of Communication; Why we selected it as our topic

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Role-of-Communication, Social and Natural Perspective

Scope and Importance of Communication – Natural and Social Aspects

Nature has tremendous wisdom. It generates many positive thoughts and feelings such as calmness, peacefulness, and concentration, which can facilitate creativity.  It communicates with us in both ways direct and indirect, we find here role of communication.  We only choose to listen and make connectedness as well as relatedness.

Many people have experienced that communication is not just what we hear and listen to, not just to the words but it exists beyond these all.  It might be called the existence of communication everywhere, just the matter is where we are raising our dimensions;

  • Within the planet or outside the planet
  • Within the Sounds or within the Silences

The focus of our blogs is on the life of human beings. We are taking communication as our first topic of the blog and its effect on humans under various dimensions.  How humans receive messages, interpret and express them. We have several categories of communication belonging to humans. It is the quality of human beings who are receiving and interpreting the dimensions.

Nature in itself is communicating and human is interpreting

When we look broadly; we find that Nature in itself is communicating and human is interpreting. For example, an artist has the capability to listen to nature, interpret and express in various ways like painting, poetry, music, dancing so on.  This is the softer feeling-based sight of communication.

Similarly, a philosopher has the capability to understand the themes of inside and outside the self, is capable to make a theory, and begins defining, writing, and talking about these. This represents the intellect-based sight of communication.

Moreover, the visualization & interpretation of a Scientist who introduced the theory of relativity has revolutionized our understanding of space, time, gravity, and the universe, this can also be taken as an example of communication.

Thus, communication is a requisite. We can understand the existence and importance of communication in our life in the form of Arts and Sciences, feeling, and thought processes. As the whole of nature is synchronized thematically and rhythmically, we need to raise our dimensions of thoughts and feelings to discover new dimensions of life within and outside the self.

To make it understandable for others we require to express ourselves. Here, communication is an art, a tool of expression to talk about what we receive from nature. When we talk about communication as an art, it is about what we receive and express under which dimension and its direction. Conversely, when it is considered a tool, it involves conveying, sending, informing, and selecting the channel.  Thus, communication as an Art or Tool is both essentially important in expression.

Before looking into detail about communication as an art or tool, we should also understand its relevance to contentedness and relatedness also. Of course, it is about the relationship of human beings in various dimensions and directions of life.

Role of Communication; Life in itself is having many dimensions

We can define here two main types of human life structure multiplied into unlimited dimensions:

  • Real Life Structure – God Created
    • Planet, living beings, whole Universe, beyond the universe, everything that comes in front
    • Universal truths of life
    • Personal relationship within self and outside the self
  • Social Life Structure – Human Created
    • Societies
    • Interpersonal relationship
    • Commercial Life


Social structure, in sociology, is the distinctive, stable arrangement of institutions whereby human beings in a society interact and live together. Social structure is often treated together with the concept of social change, which deals with the forces that change the social structure and the organization of society. Although it is generally agreed that the term social structure refers to regularities in social life, its application is inconsistent.


Human as a Social Animal and human as a Creation of God, in both dimensions make a relationship with Real and Social Life Structure. However, we find here also multiple, non-ending, faceted dimensions and their unique dimensional patterns built in human beings. It naturally makes a person unique from others under the dimension of Real-Life Structure.

How do we relate to ourselves, make relationships, and communicate on both real and social grounds? We will talk about it in our upcoming posts.


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