Sad couple sitting together outdoors

My Companion: Why are you so sad?

My Companion,
My Twin Soul!
Why are you so sad and disheartened?
Why has your brightness faded away?
What has happened to you?
Why do your eyes look embarrassed?
Every conversation seems to be a question,
Every question seeks a justification.

Why is everyone so silent?
That confident and assured
Uncomplicated personality,
A personality with a clear perspective
On every aspect of life,
Why is it so silent now?
You, who used to clear all the dust of journeys,
Making everything transparent and clear,
My companion, what has happened to you?

Why has your presence suddenly become so tainted?
My companion,
Do not grieve in this manner,
That the one who brings clarity becomes muddled,
The one who gathers everything becomes scattered.
If my thoughts are wandering,
And my faith is trembling,
Even if all your arguments have become futile,
Do not grieve for this.

My companion, do not grieve in such a manner,
That your brightness fades away,
And my wandering drags you down.
My companion, do not grieve in such a manner.

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