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Soul Flying : Journey of the Soul – A Meaningful Flight

Soul Flying: In the depth of our self-awareness, where we find our souls inside us and our hearts are aligned with all. A wondrous phenomenon unlocks, it is a state where connections, both profound and authentic intertwine, bridging the gap between ourselves and the world around us.

Guided by an inner light, our souls take flight, traversing the boundless expanse of existence. Through introspection and soulful encounters, we discover solace, peace, and timeless treasure.

The poem Journey of the Soul invites us to meet the transcendent nature of our souls, to let them soar freely and forever remain connected to life. Welcome to “A Meaningful Flight”, Soul Flying.

Soul Flying

Deep inside within the self

Where our souls reside

Our hearts and spirits

Where coincide

A series of connections

Strong and true

Unravels between us and around!

Soul Flying

Our soul delicate, yet so strong

The receptor connects around

Embracing purity, where love belongs

A beacon of light

We wander

Our souls take flight

Across the boundless

Expanse of sight!

Through the unknown

We wander and roam

Exploring the wonder

Of our Estates and States!

In soulful walks and talks

We find solace and peace

Our hearts open wide, as we confined!

In the depths of our souls, where we reside

We live those moments, A timeless treasure

Our souls entwined, Beyond measures

For in this meetup of souls,

We find a life, transcends space and time!

Soul Flying

Connected forever around whole life!

Generation to generation

Era to era

Let our souls fly

Let them be free in the land of life

Connected forever around whole life!

Connected forever around whole life!

Connected forever around whole life!

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