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Under the Sky and Over the Sky: Exploring Estates & States

Under the Sky and Over the Sky: In our initial post, we introduced the concept of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” emphasizing its significance and capturing its captivating nature. This concept encompasses Contemplation, Perspective, and Exploration providing a comprehensive framework that applies to various aspects of our daily lives.

In our second post, we explored the similarities and differences between “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” delving into the tangible and intangible aspects associated with each.

The third post focused on the need for transitioning, the advantages of adopting the concept, and the Skills and Strengths that make up the framework of Under the Sky and Over the Sky”.

In the fourth post, we delved into “How we can progress with the Concept Under the Sky and Over the Sky”, “The Growth Process and Learning to Navigate this Transformative Process” “How to learn to engage with this process, “Can everyone engage with it?”, and “Is it compulsory to achieve self-actualization.

In the fifth post, we talked about the “examples of successful individuals who reflect the concept of Under the Sky and Over the Sky”. 

While we have focused on renowned successful individuals, it is important to recognize that the theory of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” extends beyond exceptional individuals. It holds relevance and significance in the lives of common individuals.

In our current post, we will explore examples to illustrate the relevance of this concept in everyday life.

Additionally, we will delve into the concept of Estates and States, exploring its relevance and applicability in various fields. We will also establish the connection between these fields with the framework of Under the Sky and Over the Sky, understanding its practicality and the profound impact it can have on our lives.

Under the Sky and Over the Sky: Relevance and Significance in the Lives of Common Individuals

The “theory of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” ”Under the Sky and Over the Sky” theory can be applied to the day-to-day activities of common individuals across their lives, including work, family, socialization, friendship, and personal development. Here are some examples of how this concept can be relevant:


Individuals can apply the concept of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” in their work by finding a balance between their immediate responsibilities and exploring new possibilities. They can cultivate a mindset that embraces growth and learning seeking opportunities for personal and professional development. By contemplating their current work and its impact, individuals can gain a broader perspective and explore innovative approaches that go beyond the ordinary.


Within the context of family life, the concept of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” encourages individuals to nurture meaningful connections and deepen their understanding of their loved ones. By being present and fully engaged in their immediate family experiences, individuals can create a strong foundation. At the same time, they can explore ways to foster growth and enrich their relationships by contemplating and bringing new perspectives, experiences, and aspirations that extend beyond the family unit.


In social interactions, the concept of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” invites individuals to engage with others from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. It encourages open-mindedness, empathy, and curiosity, allowing for the exploration of different viewpoints and the exchange of ideas. By contemplating expanding their social horizons, individuals can cultivate meaningful connections and broaden their understanding of the world around them.


Applying the concept of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” to friendships involves encouraging personal growth and supporting each other’s aspirations. Friends can inspire one another to explore new possibilities, engage in introspections, and pursue an individual’s passions. By embracing a growth mindset together, friends can embark on transformative journeys and create a supportive network that fosters personal development and mutual growth.

Personal Development

On an individual level, the concept of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” can guide personal development journeys. It encourages individuals to engage in introspection reflect on their values and aspirations, and set goals that align with their authentic selves. They can strive to transcend their current limitation, gain new experiences, and continually evolve into the best version of themselves.

These are key aspects where the framework of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” can be applied in the lives of common individuals. It holds relevance and significance in the lives of common individuals, influencing their day-to-day activities and personal growth across various aspects.

In all these areas, the theory of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” encourages individuals to contemplate their immediate experiences, explore possibilities beyond their current circumstances and embrace growth and personal development. It provides a framework for individuals to navigate their day-to-day activities with a broader perspective, seeking meaningful connections, and continuously expanding their horizons.

(The “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” concept combines Contemplation, Perspective, and Exploration. It also combines Introspection, Open-Mindedness, and willingness to Explore the Unknown.)

Famous Philosophy and its Integration with Under the Sky and Over the Sky Framework

Exploring Estates and States: Deepening the “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” Framework

In our journey of self-discovery and personal growth, we often encounter various concepts and frameworks that shed light on different aspects of our existence. One such concept that invites us to delve deeper into our inner and outer world is the exploration of Estate and State.

The term “Estate and State” although is not new, provide us with a fresh perspective on how we perceive and navigate our lives. By understanding the significance and applicability of Estate and State, we can unlock new dimensions of self-awareness, growth, and fulfillment.

Understanding Estate

An “Estate” refers to something that is owned, possessed, or considered one’s property. Traditionally, we associate estates with material possessions, wealth, and relationships. However, Estates extend beyond the tangible aspects and encompass intangible qualities such as love, knowledge, reputation, and passion. They represent the aspects of our lives that we have control over, that we nurture and develop. Estates are within our reach and influence, serving as the foundation of our individuality and personal expression.

Exploring State

On the other hand, “State” refers to the intangible aspects that surround us and influence our being. It is the state of mind, emotions, and experiences that we encounter in our daily lives. States are fluid and ever-changing, influenced by external factors such as circumstances, relationships, and the environment. They encompass our feelings, thoughts, and perceptions, shaping our overall well-being and outlook on life. States are the responses and reactions we have to the world around us.

The Intersection of Estate and State

The concept of “Estate and State” invites us to examine the dynamic relationship between our inner and outer worlds. While “Estate” represents our personal domain, where we exert control and ownership, “State” reflects the nature of our interactions with the external world. They are interconnected, influencing and shaping one another. Our Estate provides a foundation from which our State emerges, while our states, in turn, impact our estates.

Applying estate and State with the Framework of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky”

The concept of Estate and State seamlessly integrates with the broader framework of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky”. This framework encourages us to explore our existence in relation to both the tangible aspects of our earthly dimension (“Under the Sky”) and boundless possibilities beyond (“Over the Sky”). By incorporating Estate and State into the framework, we gain a deeper understanding of our personal growth and fulfillment.

Contemplation, Perspective, and Exploration

Contemplation is the practice of reflecting on our Estates and States, engaging in introspection to understand our values, aspirations, and desires. It allows us to assess our current state, identify areas for growth, and gain clarity on our journey. Perspective involves broadening our view, adopting different lenses to perceive the world, and our place in it.  It enables us to look into diverse viewpoints, challenge assumptions, and expand our horizons. The exploration entails venturing into new territories, both internally and externally, seeking experiences that enrich our estate and shape our state.

By incorporating Contemplation, Perspective, and Exploration into our understanding of “Estate and State” within the framework of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” we embark on a transformative path of self-discovery and growth. We recognize the dynamic nature of our existence and the interplay between our inner domains and the external world.

The framework of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky” provides a comprehensive lens through which we can explore and understand various fields, including:

  • Personal Growth and Self-Exploration
  • Relationship and Social Systems
  • Business and Professional Development
  • Emotional and Intellectual States

Let us begin integrating our day-to-day activities within the framework of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky”. Enabling us to embark on a comprehensive exploration of our lives. By navigating both the tangible and intangible dimensions of our experiences, we can foster Personal Growth, nurture Relationships, excel in our Professional Endeavors, and cultivate Emotional and Intellectual well-being. The holistic integration empowers us to lead purposeful lives that align with our true potential and establish a profound connection to the vastness of the universe.

We conclude here our topic “Under the Sky and Over the Sky”, with an emphasis on the importance of raising your dimensions. So we encourage you please “Raise Your Dimensions”.

Thank you for joining us in the Contemplating, gaining Perspectives and Exploring a new concept of “Under the Sky and Over the Sky”.


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