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Wisdom sharing: Uninterrupted Flow of Life

The role of Owner of large size room is developing me like a real mentor without letting me know. I take it like an interactive healthy talk, though it is more than talks. Sharing of ideas on equal grounds takes place, making an impression that two persons are talking philosophically about life and its matters. And its impact on our own personalities. Who we are as individuals and as a part of a community. Also, a part of our whole life, where spirituality lies, how it works, and how we associate ourselves within and outside with life and its Master. Two people having a deep, philosophical conversation.

We talk and talk and talk. Mentoring is also taking its place without me knowing and telling by him. Vow, I am blessed to receive many dimensions, from food to thoughts from a knowledgeable, intellectual person. Great.

He is a likable person; profound regard goes to him naturally by many as he cares about people. The capacity of the large room that he owns is in expansion. I can see its expansion very clearly, the softness; the kindness, and the relatedness with people. All reflecting on its owner having many books in his hands. A large, expanding room filled with books and a welcoming atmosphere.

Vow, it is great to be here! I can visit here whenever feel like to get the wisdom, sagacity, knowledge, kindness, softness, and most importantly the dimension as good to my thoughts. Gracefulness always impacts deeply, silently, and calmly like nature is doing the Bests. Yes, Bestowing!!!

Hello there, a sound comes. I say, yes, hello. How are you, he asks. I say; I am good, just sitting here. He smiles and goes inside himself, watching my mystery from there. I am deep quiet, the feeling inside me roaming, wondering purposelessly. I know all about these. Clearly can see the moving direction toward spells. Much is going on outside as well; I try to be part of this but the feelings roaming inside me are making me quiet. A deep silence is inside also under the influence of wonders. The wonders of feelings.

I take these all with me knowingly. Doing my best for life, the fellows, and myself. I see the wonders of many selves evolving in my single self, I map these all and name it “Selves in Self.” Many wonders are going on in myself in the form of feelings, Many thoughtful dimensions are rising in front of me. My imaginative powers make many pictures in front of me. I view these pictures, get a refined picture from them and start flying over finally. Abstract art representing thoughts and feelings evolving.

It is a deep inside process that starts with a feeling, moves to a thoughtful dimension, and makes a conclusive opinion. Converts to an imaginative picture, then reviewed by me with all broader aspects to refine the picture.

The refinement makes me fly, finally. I start flying all over within and outside me.

Hello there, I listen to a voice and I know who is there. I say; hello. How are you? He says, I am good and asks about me. I say, I am also good and get keeping quiet deeply without knowing my imaginative powers and the process of finalizing the picture which makes me fly. He says; you know? I say, what? He says; I know you more than you.

I look towards him without any expression except curiosity about what he knows about me that I don’t know. I say, okay, what do you know about me? Please let me know. He says; you are a unique person. I make a tiny laugh and say, oh no, I am not unique but common. He says, No I tell you. I make again a tiny laugh and say, okay, maybe you know me as what I am not, I am not unique really. He says; you are an artist by nature, you can create pictures with your imaginative powers. I say yes I have painted a few of pictures.

He says; okay can you show me these. I nod my head and show him all the pictures that I made. He appreciates all and says you know, you are a spiritual person and calls me Babajee on a lighter note. I smile fully enjoying his lighter note, and say, I know I’m a spiritual person but not Babajee. Really, I am not Babajee, oh no, oh no, oh no… On this expression, we both smile. He starts advising me, to open my expression, let myself free, and start reading. Reading will make you clearer and more refined. You will have more viewpoints to view, I can give you some books if you like to.

I appreciate his concern and guidance with a courteous gesture and say, yes you can give me any book, I shall read it. He asks what is your interest to read? Though I am not sure that I shall read I reply about my interest genuinely. I say maybe something philosophical, thoughtful, logical about life and its matters, spiritual and social perspective.

He asks have you ever read Rumi? I say, no, I never read but I have listened to the talk shows on TV about him. He says okay; here it is “Essential Rumi.” I take the book, not sure will able to read it or not, despite having the interest. He says, you know I say, what He says, I know you more than you. I ask, okay, what is it? He replies, you are generous. I look at him and don’t comment but think inside “another discovery.” He smiles and says; we shall keep discovering if you allow me.

It makes me amazed. I just keep quiet and pass a very closed, friendly smile to my Mentor. Though I don’t know he is mentoring me, he is my Mentor. A room inside me is already opened for him; the room of Respect-ness. I respect him at all levels as it naturally goes to him. Talking with him is like talking to two persons on equal ground with equal level of understanding. He also talks about the strengths that help me in social struggles.

It is lunchtime; I am having lunch in the cafeteria of our common workplace. Quite upset – thinking while taking my meal, what inputs should I make for better outcomes in Executives Office Management. I am quiet apparently but inside thinking while taking lunch alone on a table in the cafeteria. I am fully involved in my thoughts and taking lunch.

Hello, a sound comes to me. I come out from my thoughts, look towards him, and say hello while passing a smile emotionlessly, as my mind is engaged to find some solution to the problems I was facing. He reflects a lot of courtesy to me. While taking his lunch tray in his hand, he asks, can I join you for lunch. I come out from my thoughts and say, yes yes, why not, it’s my pleasure, honor me.

We start taking lunch, I feel a room inside him, a room of care and concern that he usually opens to many. I feel a room of sympathy to me. He says I can help you in better office management for executives. We start talking and sharing which really help me. Time to time he keeps me engaged in talks of management matters.

Vow, he is so nice and courteous person, offers help to develop others without asking. A room of respect already opened inside me for him gets an expansion. He says, you know, I know… I ask, what do you know? He replies you respect me. I release my breath and say, yes, I respect you a lot. Good to know, you know about it also. He says, yes I am your Mentor, you know.

I am so glad to know he is my Mentor. I learn and learn from his wisdom, advice, and the patterns that life is having for me.

I feel good and fly over the patterns of life. Life is going on smoothly and beautifully.

A strong believer in and practitioner of teamwork; caring about people instinctively; and able to build good interpersonal relations; culture-focused, capable of diversification in the competitive environment. Her area of interest is Nature as a whole. She likes learning and meeting people; meetup with her own self during long walks. She believes in the power of positivity; it adds beauty to life. She aims to make life beautiful with positivity and extend help wherever she finds the opportunity.

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