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Story of A Serene Encounter: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Mentorship


It’s like a hall with many windows, where soft winds blow, freshening and synchronizing everything. It’s so beautiful, I can sit here in a friendly climate, nourishing and smiling.

Med grass ground serene

“Let us walk here,” I think. It is good to see all that is here, something deepening, graceful. What is this under my feet? Very soft, cool, energizing, strengthening mud ground.

It’s really beautiful. The graceful hall has soft, cool mud grounds to nourish. Yes, nourishing. I like all.

A sound comes to my ear, “Hello there.” I am attentive. Who is this? It’s the Owner of the Large Size Room, standing there. He has a very soft deep smile and many books in his hands. I say hello and keep quiet, no expression, like a mystery.

He looks at me deeply, knowing me but curious about my expression. I leave the place with an impression of coolness, softness, gracefulness, intellect, and knowledge. He is simple in attire but appealing, calling, viewing, analyzing, caring, concerning, relating, associating with all.

Pensive woman with long hair in a fall day

I admire all and walk to unknown streets alone. While walking, I find him again. Greetings pass between us with soft smiles. I pass a gesture of high respect, and he responds with kindness and honor. An aura of mystery in me reflects on him, and his soft gestures reflect on me. He is curious, holding many books, influenced by kindness and love for people. He finds me less expressive, deepening, mysterious, imaginative, flying somewhere sometimes.

He says, “I know you more than you.”

I become thoughtful. Is it possible for one to know more than their own self? Thoughts swirl, but no answer comes from inside me. He smiles and says, “It is true. I can tell you your strengths. You are a nice girl; I can tell you.”

I feel good and say, “Yes, I am.”

Again, I leave for unknown paths. Long paths sometimes like huge lands with burning and heating sun. I fly over these to receive wisdom and sagacity, filled with mindfulness, making myself appreciate and firm in a few codes of conduct. I am satisfied and happy with these as well as with life around me, my friends, family, colleagues, fellow beings, and myself. Loving all, having a glance at life and its Master.

Relating myself deeply with all.

“Will you visit here?” the Owner of the Large Size Room asks me.

I ask, “Where?”

He says, “To my room.”

I say, “Yes, yes, as I need something soft and nourishing.” I visit there. Great! It was nice to meet him, talking about many things and aspects.

“I know you very well,” he says, “maybe more than you.”

“Really!” I am surprised by his level of knowing me more than I know myself.

He says, “Really, I know you more than you.”

I smile with sagacity and feel good deep inside. I leave the place with great happiness, knowing someone understands me.

Before leaving, I offer my gratitude to him and our Divine Master. He smiles softly and says, “I pray for you. May you receive your destiny.”

I say, “Yes,” and wonder which destiny he prays for.

I fly over high and high for a broader view of life. Life seems so smooth, no conflict, no complications, flowing peacefully, naturally. Life is beautiful in itself. See the expansion of the sky, the lands, the sea, the horizons, the colors, feel the blowing air. All is nourishing smoothly. Life is nourishing smoothly!

Who is the Master of life? I am also life. Who is my Master? My whole self sounds, Allah.

Let’s fly in the estate of Spirituality. So empowering, accompanying, strengthening, never letting down, triggering to fly and fly as high as I wish. I fly in expansions, in horizons, in depths, in times, in circumstances, in the state of selves, in people, in life, over and over without knowing I am flying!

“Hello,” he calls me again. I feel good, he knows me. We talk and talk. He asks many questions, and I reply with some hidden unknown powers. I ask many questions, and he replies with logic, impacts, conclusions, and their applications, always with deep softness.

“Wow, so graceful, intellectual he is!”

He says, “I know you more than you.”

My expression opens, and I say gladly, “Okay, that’s so good, you know me more than me.” I start flying inside, knowing someone is there who understands me.

He says, “I can tell you.”

I ask, “What?”

He says, “You are imaginative.”

I say, “Okay, I don’t know really. I don’t know how it works. I think being imaginative is not a good thing.”

“Why?” he asks.

“Because it makes a person leave where they are present and move to another side. I don’t like being imaginative.”

He says, “It is your strength.”

I say, “Well, I don’t know.”

We talk and talk about many things. I leave there with a nourished and developed self. Yes, he is graceful, not arrogant despite his social status. He talks with me equally on my grounds and levels, no differences.

He becomes my mentor without asking or even telling me, just started mentoring. Great! He is such a great person, acknowledged by many. He is decent, and nice, with many windows and doors open for people. Yes, he is great. I am blessed by my Master. He is my mentor without any interest or intention from me. He felt and started mentoring, extending help.

I really regard and respect him deep inside. A room of respect is there within me for my mentor. A room of respect is there within me for the Owner of the Large Size Room.

“Hello, can we talk?” he asks.

I feel so good, “Yes, why not,” I say, “I am honored.” And go to him.

It’s an office room with glass walls and a door towards the corridor. I sit on a chair in front of him on the other side of his office table. General talks start, then move to specific topics like views on life, people, their attitudes, behaviors, roles, importance, values, their application and importance in our life, role models.

We talk about many matters. I receive many dimensions, like food for thought.

I leave the place again. Great learning starts.

A strong believer in and practitioner of teamwork; caring about people instinctively; and able to build good interpersonal relations; culture-focused, capable of diversification in the competitive environment. Her area of interest is Nature as a whole. She likes learning and meeting people; meetup with her own self during long walks. She believes in the power of positivity; it adds beauty to life. She aims to make life beautiful with positivity and extend help wherever she finds the opportunity.

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