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Masalwseen: A Saudi Arabian Delicious Treat for Everyone, Read Here

Introduction: Masalwseen

It is a Saudi Arabian dish. Here are some key points about Masalwseen:

  • Masalwseen also spelled as Masalween or Masalwin:
    • A term that refers to a popular Saudi Arabian:
      • Snack
      • Dessert.
  • It consists of a thin, crispy flatbread:
  • Filled with a sweet or savory filling.
  • Its fillings can vary depending on the region or personal preferences.
  • Some common fillings include:
    • Cheese
    • Nuts
    • Dates
    • Chocolate or Nutella
    • Cream cheese and fruit

Origin of Masalwseen

  • It originates from traditional Saudi Arabian cuisine.


Meaning of “Masalwseen”

  • The name “Masalwseen” is derived from the Arabic word “مسلسين” (masalseen), translating to “layered” or “folded.”

Layered Dough

  • It features thin layers of dough that are meticulously folded.

Versatile Fillings

  • These folded layers are filled with a diverse range of ingredients, contributing to its flavor and texture profile.

Fillings of Masalwseen


Ita fillings are as diverse as they are delicious.

Some popular options include:

  • Cheese & nuts e.g.:
    • Akkawi cheese
    • Pistachios
  • Dates & nuts
  • Chocolate or Nutella
  • Cream cheese and fruit

These fillings are carefully placed inside the thin flatbread, then folded and cooked to perfection.

What Makes Masalwseen Special

Below are a few reasons that make it a special and must-try dish:

  • Crispy and delicate texture
  • Versatile fillings to suit every taste
  • A perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors
  • Rich cultural heritage and tradition

FAQs on Masalwseen

What is Masalwseen?

  • It is a traditional Saudi Arabian snack or dessert consisting of:
    • A thin, crispy flatbread
    • Filled with sweet or savory ingredients.

 What are its common fillings?

  • Depending on preferences, the popular fillings include:
    • Cheese and nuts
    • dates and nuts,
    • chocolate or Nutella
    • cream cheese and fruit

Is it sweet or savory?

  • It can be both sweet and savory, depending on the filling:
    • Some fillings like cheese and nuts or cream cheese and fruit are savory.
    • While others like chocolate or dates are sweet.

 How is it made?

  • It is made by layering thin dough
  • Filling it with desired ingredients,
  • Then fold and cook it until crispy and golden brown.

 What is the origin of Masalwseen?

It has its roots in traditional Saudi Arabian cuisine for centuries.

Is it a popular dish?


  • It is a beloved snack or dessert in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries,
  • Often served at social gatherings and parties.

Can I make it at home?


  • you can make it at home with simple ingredients like flour, water, and fillings of your choice.
  • You can find many recipes online or experiment with different fillings and ingredients.

 Is it suitable for vegetarians and vegans?


  • It can be suitable for vegetarians and vegans depending on the filling.
  • Choose fillings like cheese and nuts, dates, or fruit to ensure a vegetarian or vegan option.

How do I store it?

  • It is best consumed fresh,
  • But you can store it in an airtight container for up to 2 days.
  • Simply reheat it before serving.


  • It is more than just a dessert or snack:
    • It’s a cultural icon of Saudi Arabia.
  • It’s no wonder it has captured the hearts of so many.
  • Whether you’re a foodie, a traveler, or simply looking to try something new, Masalwseen is a must-try treat that’s sure to satisfy your cravings.


  • Masalwseen is a versatile treat that can be experimented with different fillings and ingredients.
  • So don’t be afraid to get creative and make it your own!

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