Stem are cutting, a man standing beside

Symphony of Survival, A Poem by Aslam Murad, Read Here

Listen! The kin of life!

Not all desires are fulfilled,

 We are compelled into,

The cage of circumstances.

Here, the course is its own,

The manner is its own.

Here, the night of companion,

Sometimes, must utter separation.

Sometimes here, spring appears like autumn,

And you, entwined with the ruins of the past!

Lament at the rise of the present.

Why puzzled and distressed?

You are faithful to your sacred beliefs,

Bound to the chain of loyalty,

You are steadfast with the afflicted,

A beacon for the dark-fated.

But for the toil of these years of yours,

Another lifetime is needed,

When time becomes the cure for pain,

Every wound will find its remedy.

Just keep the flame of pain burning bright.

Aslam Murad

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