Harmony of Life

Harmony of Life: The intricacies of Existence

Harmony of Life: A Journey through Reflections and Transcendence” is a poetic exploration that delves into the intricacies of existence. The verses reflect on the dynamic interplay of life’s silence and symphony, unraveling the human experience with its joys, sorrows, and the eternal quest for meaning.

Through each stanza, the poem invites readers to contemplate the enduring dialogue with life, highlighting the profound connection between individual souls and the universal spirit.

A Journey through Reflections and Transcendence

Harmony of Life

My actions shape you,

Your form is my fate’s array.

O life, what is this mystery,

Why are you silent, when every atom,

Echoes a world of its own symphony.

O life, countless souls arrived here,

Molded by your essence,

Their forms shaped by deeds clear.

At times dancing, at times embracing,

Sometimes singing, somewhere shedding tears.

Somewhere thriving, somewhere facing fears.

Somewhere took with care, somewhere in agony,

Somewhere enduring injustice with silent dignity,

Somewhere dancing barely, somewhere reserved,

These are all faces of yours, O Life.

O life, I am your mirror,

Reflecting what form you take in this arrival.

You are silent, you are expressive,

I am your guest, O life,

Cherish all that you hold, the joys!

O life, I aim to dispel your shadows,

I cannot bear to witness you weep,

It is agonizing when, by cruel deeds of anyone,

Someone sheds tears in sorrow

And lost in darks of traumas

O life, we must live, behold what lies within you,

Treasures of colors, depths of fragrances,

The mysteries of profundities,

The nuances of breaths across time.

All is here, my Dear Life!

Behold, O life, within me, see you face

Behold me, O life, within you?

My desires, pains, and flowing joys, resides in you

O life, let the sinking joys surface,

Then you shall become even more beautiful.

You have traversed many eras,

I am living in a single era,

And have fallen into silence.

You, on the other hand,

Have been moving through many ages,

O life, let’s move towards the the Almighty grace,

See ourselves in that mirror,

Manifestation of the Creator’s grandeur,

Caring for us, extended our virtues,

Lifted us into depths towards His presence.

From there, a new district of healing emerges,

Provide peace to you, b rings ease to me,

Comfort to every breath bestowed,

Breath after breath, a covenant sowed,

Just tranquility and repose, in serenity flowed

As long as we are together, let’s see

Recognize each other, let it be

The covenant after me, unfolds

Understand our identities, stories told

Give you a meaning, a beautiful hue unfolds

These creatures, birds, and air

Waving trees, human and whole creature

May all continue to thrive.

May you continue to live,

May your guests continue living over the ages!


O life, O life, may you keep living,

Long ever, even after me!

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