The poem “Bitterness” talks about feeling tired and worn out from life’s challenges. Even small comforts don’t help much. The poet feels like they need a big change, either in their life or in how they think and feel. They want to let go of their past burdens and start anew with happiness and energy. It’s about finding hope and moving forward despite difficulties.

Passing through, the endless mess of life

My feet feel wounded and tired

Get sooth only, treated with flowers

Even this won’t work!

Exhaustion of longing is much bigger than

My blood feels toxic

The remedy is either change

My whole life, since the start!

Or my whole bitter blood

And thoughts be taken off

Replaced with a new one!

Fresh and happy,

Full of energy and joy!

I may forget, every loss

And follow a new course!

Azra Mughal

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