Soul and Body Entangled and Disentangled The Will of Divine

Soul and Body Entangled and Disentangled : A poetic exploration that serves as a testament to the composition of the divine.  It signifies the harmonious interweaving of the soul and body, reflecting the grand design.  Embarking on a contemplative journey, unraveling the mystique of the soul’s and the body’s yearning for transcendence.

Soul and Body

As the soul departs from its mortal shell

And the earthly presence fades away

Reuniting with the dust it once knew

The soul shall embark on a quest

Seeking proof of its own existence

While the dust of body, restlessly

Roams and wanders through the expanse

In pursuit of the soul’s essence

Yearning for a loftier plane of being

Yet, in that moment, both soul and body

Amidst recognition and unfamiliarity

Shall find themselves enclosed and held

As a testament to the Divine decree

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