Moon, Moonlight and Night – Who will walk in Moonlight?

Moon, Moonlight, and the Night : Moonlight refers to the light which creates a beautiful and serene atmosphere perfect for a peaceful walk.  Many people enjoy walking in the moonlight, whether alone or with someone.  Some may find it calming and meditative, while other may find it romantic and inspiring.

A Poem on Moonlight is posted here, written by Shabana Sultan. This poem is comprised of 3 meditative dimensions under the title Moon, Moonlight, and the Night.  The first one is posted here:

Who will walk in Moonlight

Walk in Moonlight,

And see, how you Feel

Cool, Shining, Calm,

Soothing and Stimulating flows inside

Not ready to do anything else!

Except focusing to the Dimensions

Associated with Moon and its Light!

Moon is associated with Emotions

Where Feelings are alive,

Say something, to compose

What about Vibes and Moon Light?

I can see you and write

Moon spreading light, all over the Earth

Sprinkling the cool smoothening powers!

But the world is not paying attention

Except for a lady on the roof

Walking alone under the cool, shining light

Absorbing, making all the parts of self

Reflecting the Moon inside!

It appeals to and attracts,

Due to cool shining energizing characteristics

Touching the Mind, Heart, Soul

And the body

Wind spreading Mind, Heart and Soul

All over the night

Quietness is there to feel all!

Moon, Light and the Night

Referring to each other

The white beautiful soft light with night

Wonder of chemistry is there

Walk in Moon light, wherever you can

Calmly and quietly….

Open white shine crystal wings of the self,

White shine like Moon and its Light!

Nature is inviting you,

To fly in white shining Moon Light.

Let’s walk,

And fly in propelling White Moon Light

There is much more

Wherever the flying dimension is on,

Moon Light is on

Walk in street, fly over the sky or the sea

Or view from the windows…

Just have a glance

Just open the dimension and see The Night with Moon and its Light!


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