Child suffering from anxiety

Dark alleys of the mind

From the dark alleys of the mind, the only path I found

Led me, with my body scarred, forward bound

But upon looking, all roads turned to mirages

The sky seemed no different from the ground

The same unseen monsters descending

The same dust covering the paths to the destination

Who knows in which direction they are leading

For ages, the laws of nature have been misleading

And I, always ignoring the fatigue of my sight

Look ahead, hoping for the dust to clear

So that the vessel of my life finds its haven

But only if the quarrels of the leaders cease

If any word unites them in agreement

I will accept all their commands

Even if it means I have to drown

Life, you have nothing else to offer

The same tumult returns morning and evening

Yesterday, the world lamented you

Today, you remain a difficult path

Many caravans came and went

Their hopes extinguished by your hands

Eyes kept crying and hearts kept sighing

Countless those saddened by you

You changed your standards, but not your ways

Your murderous style remains the same

Sometimes you bring blossoming gardens

Sometimes your savage ways in the name of life

Look upon those wailing faces

Stains of disgrace upon your forehead

Aslam Murad

This poem is originally written in Urdu, please click here for the Urdu Poem

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