Boundless Horizons : A Soul’s Contemplation

O my God,

These words that you have draped,

Are not at all the essence

Of the content of my soul.

You, who transcends all boundaries,

In the ocean of your attributes,

Endless is the expanse of the universe… endless.

And the confines of my life are such

That life has just barely brushed past.

A wave on the surface of the water,

A touch of the breeze,

In this brief moment of blinking an eye,

How can familiarity even be possible?

For every brief moment in the door of mysteries

Invites many new worlds

To the feast of understanding the letters.

The next stations of your words

Hold thousands of layered estates,

While my perception

Cannot even compose

The truths of what is very near, let alone far away.

Aslam Murad

The poem is originally written in Urdu, please click here for the Urdu Poem

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