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The Great Wallpaper Expedition: How to Choose Bedroom Wallpapers

Embarking on the grand voyage of wallpaper transformation in your bedroom? A noble quest, indeed! Let’s suit up and approach this mission with the strategic cunning of a cat plotting to steal the cream, shall we? First things first, like any seasoned explorer prepping for an adventure, you need to know your terrain. Your bedroom, that sacred sanctuary of slumber, is about to become your canvas, and choosing bedroom wallpapers is akin to selecting the perfect background music for your life’s most intimate moments.

The Base Camp: Mood Boarding

Before you hack through the jungle of possibilities, establish a base camp—create a mood board. No, you don’t need a physical board (unless you’re into that sort of craftiness), a digital collage of images, colors, and patterns that strike your fancy will do. This step is like speed dating with wallpaper designs; you get a feel for what resonates with your soul without making any hasty commitments.

The Compass: Your Bedroom’s True North

Identify what matters most in your bedroom’s vibe. Is it a sanctuary of serenity? A cocoon of coziness? Or perhaps a bold statement of your unbridled creativity? The essence of your room—its very heart and soul—will guide your wallpaper choice more reliably than the North Star guided sailors of yore.

The Map: Navigating Styles and Patterns

As a seasoned wallpaper designer with a flair for floral puns and a knack for navigating the seas of style, allow me to share the cardinal rule: 

In the bedroom, harmony reigns supreme

Whether you’re drawn to the whispering elegance of delicate patterns or the loud charisma of bold prints, remember, this is where dreams are born (and occasionally, where breakfasts in bed are enjoyed if you’re lucky).

The Equipment: Sampling Gear

Don’t dive into the wallpapering waters without first dipping your toes. Samples, my dear adventurer, are your best friends. Live with them, observe them at different times of the day, whisper sweet nothings to them if you must, but most importantly, see how they resonate within your space. This step prevents the heartache of realizing the wallpaper of your dreams clashes with your bedside lamp in ways that can only be described as “unfortunate.”

The Expedition Team: You and Your Wallpaper Installer

Unless you’re a DIY deity, consider enlisting the aid of a noble wallpaper installer. These seasoned veterans can scale the tallest of walls and smooth the wrinkliest of papers. A good installer is worth their weight in gold (or, in this case, wallpaper paste).

The Survival Kit: Practicality Meets Style

Ah, practicality—often as overlooked as the quiet kid in class, but just as important. Is the wallpaper easy to clean? Will it hold up to the test of time, like a love letter in a bottle at sea? In the bedroom, where rest and rejuvenation reign, opting for calming colors and manageable materials will serve you well.

Where to Look for Wallpaper Ideas

Online Marketplaces and Specialty Stores

Structured Browsing and Filtering: You’ve hit the nail on the head here. Platforms like Wallmur are curated and organized, making it incredibly easy to filter through the noise and find exactly what you’re looking for, be it by style, color, price range, or even specific design trends. This structured approach saves time and mental energy, especially compared to the endless scroll through social media inspiration boards.

Direct Purchase Options: The convenience of selection-to-purchase under one digital roof is unparalleled. Once you’ve found a wallpaper that captures your heart, being able to buy it with a few clicks adds to the seamless experience. This aspect of online marketplaces and specialty stores is, without a doubt, a major plus.

Detailed Product Information: Unlike social media images, where aesthetics reign supreme, product listings in online stores come with detailed information — material, dimensions, installation instructions, care tips, and sometimes even reviews from customers who’ve already taken the plunge. This wealth of information is invaluable for making an informed choice.

Sampling Made Easy: Many online stores offer sample services, allowing you to order a small piece of the wallpaper to experience its texture and color in your own space before committing to a full purchase. This aspect is something that browsing through Pinterest or Instagram won’t directly offer.

Navigating Beyond Visual Inspiration

While Pinterest and Instagram are visual feasts, transforming that inspiration into tangible elements of your home requires a bit more legwork. These platforms are indeed starting points; wheels that set the journey in motion. However, and I’m sure you will agree with me, the transition from “inspired” to “installed” can be less direct.

Personal Experience

In professional projects and personal adventures alike, sourcing from online marketplaces and specialty stores has offered a structured and efficient pathway from inspiration to implementation. On one occasion, a client was inspired by a vintage pattern spotted on a lifestyle blog. By turning to specialty online wallpaper stores with comprehensive filtering options, we were able to find a contemporary version of that vintage design, with the added benefit of modern materials and easier installation. This wouldn’t have been as straightforward had we been navigating the vast sea of social media images.


Sometimes, the most unique or bespoke options are hidden away in less structured environments. Small boutique designers and niche collections often share their wares on platforms like Instagram or through their dedicated websites, outside of larger marketplaces. While this might require a bit more detective work on your part and time, it can lead to discovering truly unique and personalized pieces that give your space its own voice.

Wrapping Up

In essence, your inclination towards online marketplaces and specialty stores as a means to streamline your search and purchase process is spot-on for efficiency, convenience, and detailed discovery. Keep in mind, though, that a little detour through the wild gardens of Instagram or Pinterest might uncover unexpected treasures that align wonderfully with your vision.

To Buy Online or Hit the Market?

Online Shopping

The internet is a vast marketplace offering an almost endless variety of wallpapers. You can easily filter by color, pattern, style, or price. Plus, reviews and customer photos add a layer of confidence to your choice. It’s perfect for those who want to take their time deciding without the pressure of a salesperson. Just be sure to order samples first—screens don’t always do justice to the texture and true color.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

The tactile experience of seeing and touching wallpaper in person cannot be understated. It’s like meeting someone in person after chatting online—you get the “real picture”. The staff can offer invaluable advice, and you might stumble upon exclusive in-store discounts or limited editions. The downside? Selection might be limited compared to the boundless options online.

What If the Market Lacks Options or Your Desired Roll Is Out?

  • Stay Flexible: If you’ve fallen for a wallpaper that’s out of stock or the market selection disappoints, consider it an opportunity to explore alternatives you might not have considered initially. Sometimes, the second or third choice brings a surprise satisfaction.
  • Backorder Is Your Friend: For that must-have wallpaper that’s out of stock, inquire about backorders. Waiting might test your patience, but if your heart’s set on it, the wait could be well worth it.
  • Custom Options: Some online stores offer custom wallpaper services, where you can create a unique pattern or even replicate an out-of-stock design. It’s like being the director of your home décor film.
  • Expand Your Search: Don’t limit yourself to one source. Broaden your hunt both online and offline. Sometimes, smaller local stores or less popular online retailers hold hidden gems not found in larger marketplaces.

How to Install Wallpaper in Your Bedroom

Brave soul! Let’s decode the Da Vinci of Decor to ensure your walls don’t end up looking like an experimental art project gone wrong. Here’s a fun-size guide on dodging wallpaper woes with the grace of a cat on a hot tin roof.

Brand Matters: Think of wallpaper like dating – you want reliability, a good look, and no unexpected surprises. Brands like Wallmur know their stuff, blending style, durability, and that personal flair you’re craving.

Measure Twice, Paste Once: Eyeballing isn’t a technique, it’s a tragedy waiting to happen. Get those measurements down to the last cubby; your future self will thank you.

The Right Match: That funky pattern might make your heart skip, but will it give your room a migraine? Ensure the vibe of your wallpaper and room aren’t on a collision course.

Sample Slinging: Like dipping your toe in the water, get samples first. It’s the only way to see if the wallpaper’s texture and color play nice with your room’s lighting.

Toolkit Essentials: Armed with liner, primer, a proper adhesive, and a trusty smoother, you’ll avoid the horror show of wallpaper peeling off like sunburnt skin. And scissors? Forget them. You want sharp blades for clean cuts, unless you fancy a jagged mess.

Precision is Key: Apply with the precision of a cat burglar. Start with an eye-level alignment and use a plumb line to avoid your wallpaper looking like a drunken sailor put it up.

Embrace the Quirks: Not all walls are created equal. Corners, crannies, and quirky angles demand your respect. Measure, cut, and match with the finesse of a wallpaper ninja. 

No Overlapping: Like double-dipping your chips, overlapping is a no-no. But those seams tight for a smooth finish that won’t have you tearing your hair out.

Care and Cleaning: Consider the lifestyle of your room. High traffic areas need wipeable wallpaper, unless you fancy a full-time job spot cleaning.

Happy Wallpapering!

Remember, embarking on wallpapering your bedroom should be an exciting adventure, not a stress-inducing ordeal.

Wallpapering isn’t rocket science, but a dash of planning, a sprinkle of patience, and the right toolkit can elevate your ‘just walls’ to wall-adorned success! Keep these nuggets of wisdom close, and you’ll be strutting through Wallpaper Wonderland like a pro.

After all, transforming your space is an act of creativity, a chance to leave your mark—or in this case, your pattern. Happy wallpapering!

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