Lonely woman standing absent minded and looking at the river

Silent Moments

In the silence of the moments,

The heart echoes deeply,

Through shadows, clear as light,

An anchor in the storm,

Yet distant, like the stars,

Your words are a soothing calm,

In prayers, seeking strength,

To understand this tangled fate,

Why love so pure and simple,

I reach out through the darkness,

With hope that never dies,

In the Garden of Dreams,

Where souls met, 

Now lies a field of questions,

I care for you so deeply,

Your pain, my own to bear,

In your struggles and your trials,

Yet here I stand, so lost,

In a maze of what could be,

Seeking answers in the quietness,

May the winds of time be gentle,

And guide us to the dawn,

Where love can find its way,

For now, I walk this lonely path,

With faith, and love, and prayer,

Holding on to hope so tight,
















A strong believer in and practitioner of teamwork; caring about people instinctively; and able to build good interpersonal relations; culture-focused, capable of diversification in the competitive environment. Her area of interest is Nature as a whole. She likes learning and meeting people; meetup with her own self during long walks. She believes in the power of positivity; it adds beauty to life. She aims to make life beautiful with positivity and extend help wherever she finds the opportunity.

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