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A sad woman in deep thoughts

Forgotten: Even my own news is not remembered

Centuries have passed,

Yet haven’t seen you!

And it’s true that haven’t seen the mirror too,

Your face seems like a dream,

Even your freckles, seen or not,

If you were to appear before me today,

Would I recognize you?

I am the ones,

Who has forgotten, own news!

Azra Mughal

A strong believer in and practitioner of teamwork; caring about people instinctively; and able to build good interpersonal relations; culture-focused, capable of diversification in the competitive environment. Her area of interest is Nature as a whole. She likes learning and meeting people; meetup with her own self during long walks. She believes in the power of positivity; it adds beauty to life. She aims to make life beautiful with positivity and extend help wherever she finds the opportunity.

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