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FAPNIC: How APNIC Leads the Way Fantastically

FAPNIC: Introduction

In connecting billions of people worldwide, the internet infrastructure plays a crucial role. Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) Leads the Way Fantastically.

In this blog, we refer to APNIC as ‘Fantastic APNIC, symbolizing:

  • The organization’s commitment to:
    • Excellence
    • Innovation
  • Managing internet resources and promoting internet development in the Asia Pacific region.

Let’s explore how it is shaping the future of Internet infrastructure.

APNIC’s Fantastic Mission


The primary goal of APNIC’s is:

To distribute and manage internet number resources (IP addresses and AS numbers) within its 56-economy region.  This includes:

  • Allocating IP addresses,
  • Maintaining the accuracy of internet routing data,
  • Providing essential skills for best-practice internet operations.

By doing so FAPNIC ensures within the Asia Pacific region:

  • The stability
  • The security
  • The growth of the internet

Making it a truly fantastic APNIC!

Key Initiatives

It is actively engaged in taking various initiatives that make it a fantastic APNIC, including:

IPv6 adoption

  • APNIC (FAPNIC) actively promotes:
    • The adoption of IPv6:
      • The next-generation internet protocol,
  • Ensures continued internet:
    • Growth
    • Innovation

Network security

  • APNIC works closely with network operators and industry groups to:
    • Enhance internet security
    • Mitigate cyber threats

Capacity building

  • To develop essential skills for internet operations, APNIC provides training and education Programs for:
    • Network operators
    • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
    • Other stakeholders

Collaboration and Governance

  • APNIC fantastically (fapnic) advocates for multistakeholder internet governance.
  • To ensure an open, inclusive, and accessible internet, it collaborates closely with:
    • GovernmentsIndustry groups
    • Technical organizations
  • This collaborative approach allows it to effectively tackle regional and global internet challenges, making it an outstanding APNIC.


APNIC’s fantastic work has earned it a reputation as a leader in the internet community.

Its commitment to innovation, security, and inclusivity will remain crucial in shaping a secure, stable, and inclusive digital future for all.


The term “Fantastic APNIC” (FAPNIC) is a creative expression in acknowledging the excellent work of APNIC. It does not represent the opinions of APNIC to stand as Fantastic APNIC (FAPNIC).

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