A person holding heart shape, as message of peace

Eliminating Hatred: Journey of Love

Let’s do this now,
Though not for the whole world,
But in the few people connected to us,
Let’s share true joys,
So that no one remains in the grip of sorrow.

Forget those matters too,
About the conflicts of gain and loss,
And the concerns of discerning guides and robbers.
Let’s advance step by step with the caravan,
With no complaints from anyone, no enmity remains.

For this is the place of the destination of purity,
Let’s now travel with humility, To break down,
The boundaries of color, race, and religion,
And even the boundaries of continents,
And the hatred ingrained in minds,
The bitterness in hearts too.

Let’s do this now,
To embark on a journey of love and affection.

Aslam Murad

This poem is originally written in Urdu, please click here for the Urdu Poem

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