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Colors of Emotion: Reflections of the Fragmented Self, read here

Colors of Emotion: Metaphorical Exploration: In “Reflections of the Fragmented Self: An Ode to the Mirror,” the poet delves into the metaphorical journey of existence using the imagery of a shattered mirror. Each shard represents a facet of the self, its colors unveiling the diverse experiences and emotions that shape one’s being. As the poet contemplates awareness and seeks solace, the fractured mirror becomes a poignant reflection of the human condition, exploring the pursuit of knowledge, tranquility, and self-realization amidst the complexities of life.

Colors of Emotion

When there is companionship to console and unrest,

A discomfort and a prickling linger in the pathways of the soul.

When the treasure of tranquility is concealed elsewhere,

Peace remains elusive, never to be found again.

Everywhere I see mirrors, behold, His presence,

The demeanor borrowed from that very essence

Having taken a mirror from the dust of time,

Wanders aimlessly in search of solace in the wilderness.

Its culmination is the awareness of knowledge,

Yet, this is a mirror, unfamiliar with the principles of wisdom.

If it shatters into pieces, let every aspect be His,

Then, tranquility shall be attained through it.

If tranquility is still not attained through it,

This mirror will be face to face with me.

It will ask me this question, “Didn’t you know?”

I was a part of a very grand mirror, one piece among thousands.

My existence shatters into pieces, revealing many vibrant colors.

One color signifies awareness; tell me in which shard,

At which destination will I find my attainment?

Silence will accompany me, as I too am that same mirror.

One piece among thousands, A mirror!

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